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All Alone In Your Rural Healthcare Mission? – RCHC

All Alone In Your Rural Healthcare Mission?

by Jim Kendrick, RCHC President

You may feel all alone, as you deliver healthcare to your rural community. Your community desperately needs you. There’s no other hospital for miles around.

You provide the access and services—even though some citizens cannot afford to pay for any service at all. Your financial strain to remain open increases due to reimbursement cuts, lack of Medicaid expansion, changes in healthcare regulations, difficulty in recruiting and keeping physicians.

Shall I go on?

You are working hard not to join the 83 rural and community hospitals that have closed in the United States since 2010. In some cases, it may be best to surrender a level of independence for resources necessary for your hospital’s survival. You  and your Board could choose to take that next step to get back on solid ground.

If you cannot go it alone, a partner might be suitable. Not for one dance or part-time, but a partner whose mission aligns with yours and has your hospital’s future in mind. Whether it’s affiliation, management, lease or acquisition, pursuing a partner may make the most sense for the hospital’s health and community’s well-being.

I’m proud to be part of the Rural & Community Healthcare Collaborative, founded in 2016 by Community Hospital Corporation, working for decades to improve rural community healthcare.

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