Who’s Responsible for Helping Rural Hospitals?

By Mike Williams, RCHC Board Member

From the ACA to the BRCA to the newest ACA Repeal efforts—what’s in place, what’s been proposed, legislation that’s pending—the national conversation continues around the government’s role, and responsibility, in health care. What’s the best way to serve citizens without access to health care? How can we help those who can’t afford to seek health care services?

Passage of the Affordable Care Act brought health and hope to millions. It offered health care coverage to many who had previously been uninsured, along with a measure of confidence for struggling rural hospitals—hospitals that serve a high...

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Hospitals Strengthen Communities

In addition to providing important healthcare services, a community hospital is often a leading employer and vital economic engine for a small town. When rural hospitals close, communities suffer:

Reduced access to emergency, primary care providers and specialty healthcare services

Decreased employment opportunities

Decreased tax base

Reduced ability to attract new businesses to a community


Why Community Hospitals Need Your Help

  • Declining reimbursements and changes in coding
  • An unfavorable payer mix
  • Higher fixed costs
  • Remote geographic location and small size
  • Difficulty recruiting and retaining physicians
  • The cost of new and updated technology
  • Sagging hospital operations
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There have been 81 rural and community hospitals that have closed since 2010. Unfortunately, troubled hospitals in a cycle of declining profitability often lack the ability to pay for needed consulting services and wait to reach out for help after they are near the brink of failure.


Our Mission to Help Hospitals

The Rural and Community Healthcare Collaborative (RCHC) was founded in 2016 by the leaders of Community Hospital Corporation (CHC) who share a passion to help rural and community hospitals that can’t afford services to improve their performance or sustain their future.

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Since its founding in 1996, CHC has helped community-based hospitals deliver quality care, maintain their financial health and remain locally governed. In addition to the direct ownership and management of a portfolio of hospitals, CHC accomplishes its not-for-profit mission through consulting services. CHC consultants help rural and community hospitals overcome operational challenges and become change-agile in the constantly shifting world of healthcare.

Unfortunately, troubled hospitals in a cycle of declining profitability may lack the wherewithal to pay for needed assistance.

RCHC was founded to help these rural and community hospitals by offering no- and low-cost consulting services. We raise funds to support rural and community hospitals through individual, foundation, and corporate sources.


Visionary Guidance

Experienced RCHC leaders understand that rural and community hospitals are key components of this nation’s healthcare delivery system and critical to rural residents’ access to healthcare.


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